March 23, 2014

A Little Bit of Home

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Looking for an apartment was tough. But finally finding a home (and a roommate) that I clicked with made all the emailing, driving, and awkward conversations seem like a distant memory. But one of the biggest joys that I recently discovered was decorating and revamping my home to make it my own. I love seeing my personality manifesting itself into a house, which has never really happened before. Here's just a few snaps, but I think it gives my budding design aesthetic some justice - clean eclectic anyone, can I call it that? 

March 13, 2014

Grilled and Sriracha Dunked Street Corn

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Last weekend, I found myself craving something spicy, messy, and summery since the weather up here in the Bay was just so nice. After spending the day at the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building, I couldn't wait to get home after a long day of errands to put some white corn on the grill and get cooking. 

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Making the sauce was so easy, it was only three ingredients! Lime, Mayo (I used egg-free Mayo), and Sriracha. Next time, I plan on going heavier on the Sriracha for even more spice. 

 photo IMG_1716_zps91360a75.jpg

In the end the corn got a little more burnt than I had an inkling for, but smothering it in sauce made it all okay. 

 photo IMG_1729_zpsf782e765.jpg

Recipe courtesy of Camille Styles.

March 9, 2014

A Little Bit of Blush and Dots


Spring is coming, spring is coming! Literally, it's coming. The Bay has been unseasonably warm (isn't everywhere unseasonable lately?) and dark, thick jackets are no longer a thing. Even though I keep mentally telling myself that I should spice up my wardrobe, in making this outfit I only further solidified my love of neutral colors, simple and understated jewels, and white tops with jeans. Call me boring, but I'll just keep wearing it. 

February 25, 2014

Chrissy Teigen Inspired Southeast Asian Chicken Wings + Asian Slaw

Lately I found that my Sundays have been what I have dubbed, The Cooking Day. Every Sunday (for the past 4 Sundays) I've spent half the day doing something in this order: read food blogs/recipe book, bookmark 7-10 different recipes, spending an hour at the grocery store (mostly) buying things I need, then coming home to watch 2-3 episodes of The Office, then unpacking all the groceries I bought, and then finally cooking, then eating the meal of the day. This Sunday's victim was 6 beautiful pieces of juicy, chunky, organic chicken thighs that were whipped into shape with Chrissy Teigen's Southeast Asian Chicken Recipe plus Asian Slaw

For those of you who don't know/don't know me well, I love Chrissy Teigen. Actually, no one knows how much I love her. At first I was disgusted by her unladylike tweets, but hey, I do that too. Then I saw her blog, then I saw how much she loved food and how much she cooked food. I. WAS. SOLD. 

But I digress, back to the chicken. 

So first, I started with making the slaw with green and red cabbage, green onion, some bean sprouts, and finally, some baby bok choy. I finely sliced all the veggies and put them in a bowl together to hang out while I made the dressing. 

 photo IMG_1642_zpsed8f30c2.jpg

 photo IMG_1646_zpsd36f76fc.jpg

I forgot to take pictures of the sauce, sorry about that. 

Next, came the chicken and the dressing for that. Keep in mind, these chickens were meant to be put on a wooden stick, then barbecued on a grill which I do not have. Instead, I decided to forgo the skewers and the grill and just pan fry the thighs. While making the sauce, I realized that I had forgotten the sugar that was supposed to go into the sauce and I was okay with it! 

 photo IMG_1651_zps57963f41.jpg

 photo IMG_1654_zps5083cb73.jpg

 photo 441482df-aa67-46d3-83ff-7ac12a1261b2_zpsd8292eb4.jpg

To compensate for not having a grill, I broiled the chicken for a little bit to make them even more roasty toasty on the outside. Then, I mixed a little dressing with the slay, made some white rice, and put a little piece of chicken right on top. 

 photo IMG_1679_zps15142bfb.jpg

And voila. Some Chrissy Teigen inspired Southeast Asian Chicken THIGHS and Asian Slaw. 

December 8, 2013

WWWSF {Winter Work Wear in SF}

SF Winter Work Wear

Bridge and Burn Tee | H&M Coat |  Leather Pants | Loeffler Randall flats | Driving Gloves 

How is SF you ask? Cold. I've never been this consistently cold in my life. My SoCal body is going through major shock and has been punishing me with illness after illness every other week it seems. The other day I woke up and my apartment was 57 degrees, I promptly went and bought a space heater that day. I feel like I've been in a frosty mood lately (get it), hence the bitchdon'tkillmymuthaeffingvibe look complete with leather pants and a long black coat. What can I say, the cold puts me in a mood. 

August 4, 2013

The Perfect Stack

The Perfect Stack

Petite Grande Cluster NecklaceSpike Necklace by Jules Smith |  | Brachiosaurus Necklace by Ariel Gordon

Today's Sunday Set is in honor of all things simple and gold. This is my idea of a perfect necklace stack. Something bright, something tough, and something unexpected (and extinct). 

July 11, 2013

Hawaiian Flashback

Big island, Hawaii, Kona, Logan Payne
Took a wayward turn after finding a secret beach on the island. 
Big island, Hawaii, Kona
Discovered that Plumerias were my favorite scented flowers.
 photo IMG_8451_zps3f9f8742.jpg
The beach where snorkeling with turtles is as common as finding a traffic jam in LA. 
 photo IMG_8430_zps7039746e.jpg
GPOYT. Freckles multiplied by ten-fold while on the island. That smile? A result of ZERO mosquito bites on this trip (last time I went I got bit over 50 times). 
Big island, Hawaii, Kona
One of our new friends.
 photo IMG_8516_zps20ddf01e.jpg
The littlest one looking in the biggest freshwater pond by the ocean. 
Big island, Hawaii, Kona, Logan Payne
A snapshot of the secret beach we found and the tree we climbed, just for the sake of some really cool pictures. Oh, and memories. 
 photo IMG_8892_zpsbcda05d1.jpg
Ran through a Hawaiian farm with this little girl.
 photo IMG_8942_zps0f9c24fb.jpg
Let me introduce you to a little thing called a Kimchi burger. 
It's been exactly a year since I went to the Big Island, Hawaii for a weeklong vacation for the fourth. It's crazy to think about how much can change in a year. One year you can be on an island, relaxing in the sand, snorkeling with turtles and then the next year, you can be on top of the Visa parking structure and watching fireworks go off in three other cities  across the San Francisco Bay. 

July 9, 2013

Tunes for a Tuesday // July 9th

Really felt the soul music/slow jams/90s R&B today. Don't you just love music vids where they dance in the desert?